5 Clever Ideas For Great Group Photos

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    It’s challenging to take a noteworthy or particularly imaginative group portrait, but that’s only because our creativity and the amount of crazy friends we have are both finite. A fantastic masterpiece that is the envy of other photographers can be created when you have those two factors plus the willingness to take countless, countless, countless frames of the same shot to achieve that one picture just right.

    We’ve gathered 5 fantastic ideas for you to try in this succinct piece of inspiration so that you can create your very own unique group shots.

    1. One Leg Kick!

    Here’s a wonderful picture. Get a few buddies to join you in a line a few feet in front of you. Encourage them to consider how embarrassing it would be if they actually received a kick to the stomach.

    Prepare the jumpers, the hero’s incredibly powerful kick, the camera in burst mode, and then click away!

    2. The Beach Super Punch!

    This punch has a radial effect on the victims and is an extension of the one leg kick. Spend some time creating the circles of destruction in the sand, just like you see around the kung fu master who throws the super punch, for the best effect.

    You could want to coordinate who is hit “badly” (the sufferer in the centre appears to be taking the brunt of the blow), wear some flying shoes, and make the faces look less happy and more hurt.

    3. Super Grandma!

    Granny can get angry! It appears that her tai chi training is beginning to pay off. If you don’t eat your vegetables or constantly argue with your grandmother, she might one day perform her terrifying tai-chi of death on you like this wonderful granny here.

    Later on, the woman in red (third from the left) might require some assistance, especially given that she is directly in the line of fire.

    4. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fuuuh

    This one requires a person behind the camera because it plays with perspective and angles. The last two guys on the far right hit the home run by giving life to the illusion, whereas the first six people provided the idea that they are literally on a giant’s hand. Before the last man is blasted away, someone needs to hold onto him!

    5. Perfect Formation

    A cheeky gang is shown here trying to contain their cheeky grins as they hover several feet above the ground. Notice how the men maintain one position while the women attempt another.

    I’m not sure which of the two is more difficult, but it’s impressive how they managed to coordinate the formation while in flight. Just a friendly reminder, tuck their shirts in before you start jumping in the air for pictures.

    One More: Watery Poetry in Motion!

    Even when we can’t actually see anything with our own eyes in real life, photography can capture it while it is happening. How frequently do you see water droplets tracing a path in the air?

    To get it perfect, it could take some practise, so willing players should be prepared to throw their hair about a lot. Yet in the end, you’ll be able to tell when your image is a winner.


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