Live Collaboration on PDFs, available on iPads running iOS 17, could pose a threat to Google Docs.

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    Apple is aware that iPad users frequently interact with PDF files, whether they are studying for a chemistry exam or filling out paperwork at the doctor’s office. This is the case regardless of whether the user is using the iPad for academic or professional purposes. Therefore, it is only logical that on iPad OS 17, Apple is adding tools that improve the experience of dealing with PDFs on iPad. This makes perfect sense.

    iPad Operating System 17’s machine learning technology makes it possible to detect fields in a PDF so that you can rapidly fill them out. This is a significant advancement for individuals who do not have convenient access to Adobe Acrobat. This also works with images of papers that you scan into your iPad using your camera.

    The Notes application offers some of the most interesting and useful PDF enhancements currently available. You have the ability to view several PDFs within a single note, and if you are working with another user of iPad OS 17, you both have the ability to make modifications, Apple Pencil notes, and other changes that instantaneously update on each device. The functionality with Apple Pencil could be especially beneficial for annotating documents or taking notes with coworkers or classmates. The user experience appears to be comparable to working with a fellow student on a school assignment in Google Docs.

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