Ultra-Rare Insect Found in an Arkansas Walmart Parking Lot

    More than 50 years had passed since a giant lacewing had been collected in the East prior to a scientist's discovery of a specimen...

    The Russian space programme has suffered two leaky space station ships in as many months. Coincidence?

    NASA reports that over the weekend, Russia disposed of a leaky supply ship stationed at the International Space Station by allowing it to burn...

    NASA has discovered a previously unknown form of old asteroid teeming with water.

    In the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, scientists have discovered a new kind of huge, dark space rock that is teeming with...

    This object is being devoured by a black hole. Researchers are keeping an eye on it as it nears its end.

    An massive black hole is currently stretching an object apart like taffy at the core of our galaxy. Scientists now have a rare opportunity to...

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