10 Best Tutorials to Learn Angular

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    A fantastic JavaScript framework called Angular may be used to build robust and dynamic web applications.

    It also addresses the development of sophisticated client-side apps. Because it makes it easy to expand unique HTML tags and properties, sometimes known as “directives,” Angular has been utilized extensively by many developers since its debut in 2009.

    Some people find that studying Angular’s official documentation is insufficient. Instead, they favor video-based tutorials or more advanced learning websites with detailed discussions, a demo, then try it yourself feature, and similar features.

    As a result, we’ve provided a selection of 10 Angular lessons and screencasts in this post to help you get started studying the framework.

    Angular Start

    This is the official Angular team and Google guide to getting started with Angular from scratch. The initial configuration of Angular, the necessary setup, the idea of Angular, and even a reference to the Angular glossary are all covered in this book.

    If you want to go right into the codes, it also includes some example project codes and advanced approaches. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned developer, this handbook makes a terrific first reference.

    Angular on

    Web developers may share and discuss anything on, a community platform for developers. It covers a wide range of web development-related topics, including Angular. The neighborhood is dynamic, varied, and fairly active. Every day, fresh articles about web development are published.

    Angular on Free Code Camp is a non-profit, community-driven organization that serves as one of the busy centers for learning and sharing among developers. On a variety of software development-related topics, including web development and Angular itself, it offers thousands of guides, tutorials, and tips.

    Also, it offers certification with countless hours of materials. If you want to work as a developer professionally, this is an excellent location.

    A Better Way to Learn Angular by Thinkster

    You can study Angular using a special way provided by Thinkster. All of the Angular-related subjects were divided into 12 parts.

    You will notice a quick topical description followed by checkboxes for useful readings in each section. The reading resources are scattered over both external websites and the official Angular docs.

    Udemy Angular Course

    A sizable selection of video courses on Angular are available on Udemy. However the majority of these video courses merely go over the fundamentals.

    Angular Playlist by LetsBoot

    A series of 15 videos from LetsBoot covering advanced Angular app development subjects like end-to-end testing, deployment, and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

    If you are already quite familiar with Angular and are looking to refresh your knowledge of web development using Angular, these materials are excellent.

    Build Your First Angular App by Scrimba

    A collection of 33 screencasts covering everything from the fundamentals to more advanced topics will help you understand Angular. You’ll pick up knowledge that has practical use.

    The fact that each webcast includes an interactive IDE where you can work with the code taught on the screencast is incredibly cool. Also, switching between the IDE and the screencast is easy.

    Angular Beginners Guide

    Here is a two-hour video that will teach you about the essential Angular features that you will probably use 90% of the time.

    The course, as its name suggests, is a beginner’s manual that will take you step-by-step through the entire procedure, starting with setting up your development environment and using the CLI to construct an Angular project from scratch.

    Thus, if reading the lengthy text-based courses is not your thing, this can be a perfect alternative for you.

    Learn Angular & TypeScript

    Another excellent video course with some advanced material for novices, including TypeScript, architecture, and dependency injection. This video course could be a fantastic continuation if you’ve mastered the fundamentals of Angular.

    Angular Cheatsheet

    As Angular is such a large framework, the documentation sometimes feels overwhelming. The Angular team offers a cheat sheet for that purpose, which might occasionally be useful for rapid reference to popular code snippets and setups.

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